Posted by Thomas Shearman

The 2011 Metro season comes to an end with the Metro Grand Final between the Lincoln Park Piranhas and the Wrigleyville Rhinos.  The Rhinos were undefeated all season until the final round where the Piranhas powered home for the win.  Could there be a case of the Wrigley-wobbles?? Can the Piranhas repeat last rounds victory?? Will the Rhino’s charter a Qantas flight to get all their Aussies to the field on Saturday??  Who will hold the Rich Noty Cup aloft after the final whistle??


Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Lincoln Park 2.2.14 3.6.24 4.8.32 5.12.42
Wrigleyville 2.2.14 5.3.33 5.7.37 5.8.38

LP: Dougie, Jason S, Jason W, Steve Cassity, Saint
WV: Ortiz 2, Nolan, Knopp, Leibo