Chicago vs Des Moines/Indi/Cinci - June 8, 2019

Chicago vs Des Moines/Indi/Cinci - June 8, 2019
Women's match: In what was originally billed as a skills clinic, the turnout was much higher than anticipated, allowing us to host our first Swans game of the year. It was also the first chance for our newly created Swans women's team to wear the Swans guernseys! Girls from Des Moines and Cincinnati to create a 6 on 6 game. In an evenly contested game, the visitors just came out on top. Staring for the Swans was latest recruit Aish, attacking strongly from defense.

Men's match: Backing up one week after the Minnesota game, the Swannies boys were keen to get on the board for the first time this year. Debutant Oscar Husselbee showed great signs in the midfield, working well with the experienced Pedro and AJ. Al McGlashan was clunking some big marks up forward with his son Stu Nicol roaming the crumbs and snagging 3 goals. Tim Herrmann and Christoph Odenthal saved us numerous times in the full back line. It was an evenly matched game all day, with the Swans benefiting from the away team's inaccuracy. At the start of the fourth quarter an early goal put us in the lead. Unfortunately then a few brief lapses allowed the visitors to kick two more, and that pretty much stayed as the final margin of 8 points

Men's lineup:

B: Christoph Odenthal, Tim Herrmann
HB: David Martin, Jeff Kraemer, Vinnie Lewis
C: Matt Filchak, AJ Crosley, Andrew Do
HF: Michael James, Drew Garnaut, Scott Dawson
F: Stu Nicol, Al McGlashan
Foll: Jeff Dick, Pedro Jimenez, Oscar Husselbee
Int: Kyle Maichle, Steve McEvilly, Andrew Woodman, Gloves


Chicago Swans: 2.2 2.4 4.4 6.7.43
DM/Indy/Cincinatti: 2.3 2.8 4.12 6.15.51

Best on ground: Tim Hermann & Oscar Husselbee
Best off ground: Jeff Dick
Golden Goose: Richard Strapps (for being an idiot who forgets his boots)

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  • Rebekah Quinn
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